Excerpt of HEROES from “Impressions of Bowie”

A live video from just before Covid Lockdown. Recorded live in concert at Brorsons Kirke, Copenhagen, February 16th, 2020. Audio is released on ILK, June 19th, as “Impressions of Bowie” (Cat.nr.: ILK304). All music is from the acoustic solo concert, with no overdubs. Audio mix & mastering by John Fomsgaard. Phone video by Esben Eyermann.

“Forårs Fællessang” online

Brorsons Kirke, Janne Mark & Jacob Anderskov: Forårs Fællessang, 6. maj 2020.
(online streamed sing along event, mostly Danish songs – possible to revisit..)

start: 2 min 30 sec.


1. Det er i dag et vejr – nr. 266
2. Jeg ved en lærke rede – nr. 102
3. Nu lyser løv i lunde – nr. 310
4. Where have all the flowers gone – nr. 516
5. Det dufter lysegrønt af græs – nr. 306
6. Det er forår. Alting klippes ned – nr. 285
7. I skovens dybe stille ro – nr. 572

Zeuthen-Anderskov-Vestergaard receives Danish Music Award 2019

TOUR starts tomorrow, see calendar

Out of the Spectacle was named Special Jazz Release of the year, “Årets Danske Særudgivelse”, at Danish Music Awards Jazz 2019, yesterday.

Prisen for Årets Danske Særudgivelse gik til trioen bestående af Jesper Zeuthen, Jacob Anderskov og Anders Vestergaard. Trioen vandt for deres kontrollerede, dynamiske medrivende værk Out of the Spectacle.

November 20th, Zeuthen-Anderskov-Vestergaard, Lemvig

November 21st, Zeuthen-Anderskov-Vestergaard, Krabbesholm

November 22nd, Jesper Zeuthen 70 years – Birthday concert: Zeuthen-Anderskov-Vestergaard (double bill with Kasper Tranberg 3), Literaturhaus, Cph

November 25th, Zeuthen-Anderskov-Vestergaard, Nordischer Botschaft, Berlin

November 26th, Zeuthen-Anderskov-Vestergaard, Loft, Köln.

November 27th, Zeuthen-Anderskov-Vestergaard, Hamburg


Dear Earthling – out now

  Fosterchild: Dear Earthling. – with Kasper Tranberg, tp – Sebastian Gille, saxophones – David Helm, bass – Fabian Arends, drums. Release October 25th, 2019, ILK, CD & digital. Info & links: Fosterchild_DE_Press_UKFosterchild_DE_Press_DEFosterchild_DE_Press_DK. – Electronic Press Kit (photos & PR – no audio) – for promo audio streaming link before release, please contact ILKmusic


… album is out now on CLEAN FEED, Portugal.


From label’s press release:

“Recorded at London’s Vortex club and live in the studio in Copenhagen, Chiasm is a documentation of what interplay may sound like when an established piano trio meets a master of improvisation. On the four improvised tracks, the group explores melodic, timbral and rhythmical structures on both micro and macro levels, creating a matrix of nonlinear dynamics from which emerges an oscillating and shimmering sonic image, propelled by a shared approach to the real-time generation of structure and form.

Track 1 and 4 recorded live at The Vortex, London on February 25th 2018 by Ali Ward | Track 2 and 3 recorded at DKDM, Copenhagen on February 23rd 2018 by Bjørn Gjessing and Henrik Holst | Mixed by John Fomsgaard | Mastered by Arnold Kasar
Produced by Kinetics | Executive prodution by Pedro Costa for Trem Azul | Photos by Fabio Lugaro | Design by Travassos”