Albums w. Jacob Anderskov as a leader:  
(for releases as a side-man, see Discography)

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Jacob Anderskov: I sang. Soffie Viemose vocal+fx, Jakob Munck vocal+tuba+trombone, Kasper Tranberg trumpet, Jacob Anderskov piano, Jakob Høyer drums. Recorded at the Village, 2022. April Records, Vinyl, CD, digital. Release February 2, 2024. I sang PR (DK)

Zeuthen – Anderskov – Vestergaard: NOCTURNAL. Jesper Zeuthen, sax & saw – Jacob Anderskov, piano & prepared piano  – Anders Vestergaard, drums. Recorded at the Village, 2021 & 22. ILK, vinyl + digital. Release September 22nd, 2023. Release supported by KODA Kultur & Kulturministeriet. Fox drawing is by Jesper Zeuthen. Nocturnal Press UKNocturnal Press DKNocturnal EPK.

  Jacob Anderskov: EMERALD. Lotte Anker, saxophones – Anders Banke, clarinets and alto flute – Henriette Groth, clarinet & viola – Jacob Anderskov, piano & composition – Nils Davidsen, cello & bass – Peter Bruun, drums. Recorded at The Village, 2021 & 2022. ILK, vinyl + digital. Digi release March 31st, 2023 – LP release April 21st, 2023. Release supported by KODA Kultur, Artistforbundet, Kulturministeriet & Kapelmesterforeningen. Emerald Press UKEmerald Press DK – Emerald EPK. 

  The Gemstone Series – 20 Sonic Complexion Miniatures. (Not an album – but a sheet music book). Out on ILK Publishing, December 2022. Limited first edition, 100 copies. Engraved by Frej Wedlund. Cover design by Neue Pink. See the Gemstone Series press release_UK, or for Danish, Gemstone Series presse-release_DK, or the Gemstone Series shop link at ILK publishing.

 Jacob Anderskov: SPIRIT OF THE HIVE. Anders Banke, Francesco Bigoni, Calum Builder, Maria Dybbroe, Carolyn Goodwin, Matthias Sigurdsson: clarinets & flutes. Nils Davidsen: cello. Tomo Jacobson, Asger Thomsen: basses. Halym Kim: drums. Jacob Anderskov: composer & conductor. Recorded at The Village, November 2020. ILK, vinyl + digital. Release June 18th, 2021. Release supported by KODA Kultur & Kapelmesterforeningen. JA_SOTH_Press_UKJA_SOTH_Press_DK – Spirit of the Hive EPK.

 Jesper Zeuthen / Jacob Anderskov / Anders Vestergaard: Ecstatic Embrace. Live trio recording from July 2019. , ILK, Vinyl + digital, Release September 2020. Ecstatic_Embrace_Press_UK Ecstatic_Embrace_Press – EPK including pictures.

 Jacob Anderskov: ANTERIOR CURRENT. Solo, studio recording, ILK, digital, Release June 2020. JA_Anterior Current_Press_UK – EPK for ANTERIOR CURRENT

 Jacob Anderskov: IMPRESSIONS OF BOWIE: Solo, live recording. ILK, digital, Release June 2020. JA_Impressions_Of_Bowie_Press_UK – EPK for IMPRESSIONS OF BOWIE 

  Fosterchild: Dear Earthling. – with Kasper Tranberg, tp – Sebastian Gille, saxophones – David Helm, bass – Fabian Arends, drums. Release October 25th, 2019, ILK. CD & digital. Fosterchild_DE_Press_UKFosterchild_DE_Press_DEFosterchild_DE_Press_DKElectronic Press Kit (photos & PR – no audio)

Evan Parker & Kinetics: “CHIASM”.  – with Evan Parker, saxophone, Adam Pultz Melbye, bass & Anders Vestergaard, drums. CLEAN FEED, Portugal, June 2019. CD & Digital. Clean Feed Press Release.

. Jesper Zeuthen / Jacob Anderskov / Anders Vestergaard: Out of the Spectacle. – with Zeuthen, sax & Vestergaard, drums. Release: September 2018, ILK, on Vinyl & digital. Out_of_the_Spectacle_Press_UK_180820.

 Jacob Anderskov: Mysteries. with Adam Pultz Melbye, bass & Anders Vestergaard, drums (Kinetics live in Köln). ILK, 2017 (digi) / 2018 (vinyl). Kinetics 2018 album PR UK.

j_anderskov_resonance_cover_cropped_lores Jacob Anderskov: RESONANCE. With Karen Johanne Pedersen, vln, Mette Brandt, viola, Ida Nørholm, cello, Peter Bruun, drums & percussion. Sundance / Stunt. Release: September 2016. CD, LP  & digital & high-res digital. Label’s Press Release in English.

ZAKS live at 5e cover [ a co-leader:] ZAKS (Zeuthen/Anderskov/Kielsgaard/Skovbakke): Live at 5e. With Jesper Zeuthen, alto sax – Rune Kielsgaard, drums – Jeppe Skovbakke, bass, ILK, 2016. CD & digital.

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3 albums, released during summer 2015. General Trilogy info: JA_Habitable_Exomusics_TheTrilogy_Press_UK

The Three albums are:
I: JA_Kinetics_Cover_1500x1500 Kinetics (the Path)Habitable Exomusics volume I. – with Adam Pultz Melbye, bass & Anders Vestergaard, drums, ILK, 2015. CD & digital. JA_Kinetics_Pressrelease_UK // JA_Kinetics_Pressrelease_DKRelease date June 26th, 2015.

II: JA_Statics_Cover_1500x1500 Statics (the Map) – Habitable Exomusics volume II. – Solo piano, ILK, 2015. CD & digital. JA_Statics_Pressrelease_UK // JA_Statics_Pressrelease_DK. Release date August 21st, 2015.

III: JA_Dynamics_1500x1500Cover  Dynamics (the Terrain) – Habitable Exomusics volume III.
– with Nils Davidsen – bass & Gerald Cleaver – drums. ILK, 2015. CD & digital. JA_Dynamics_Pressrelease_UK // JA_Dynamics_Pressrelease_DKRelease date September 25th, 2015.

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CAE-CFR-cover-ILK223LP-1500x1500  [ a co-leader: ] Copenhagen Art Ensemble: Reuterswärd. ILK 2014. LP & Digital. _ Press: UK: CAE_Pressrelease_UK // DK: CAE_Pressrelease_DK

JA_IOR_cover02_THE-ONE Jacob Anderskov: Impressions of Radiohead (solo piano, live), ILK. 2014. Digital only. _ Press: UK: Impressions_of_Radiohead_ILK220dig_Pressrelease_UK // DK: Impressions_of_Radiohead_ILK220dig_Pressrelease_DK

JA_SP&P_Cover1500x1500 Jacob Anderskov: Strings, Percussion & Piano (with Christine Pryn, violin, Anette Slaatto, viola, Ida Nørholm, cello, Peter Bruun, drums), ILK. 2013. CD, LP, digital & hi-res-digital. _ Press: UK: JA_SP&P_Pressrelease_UK // DK: JA_SP&P_Pressrelease_DK

JA_GrAL_cover_FRONT For reference Jacob Anderskov: Granular Alchemy (with Chris Speed, Michael Formanek, Gerald Cleaver), ILK. 2012. CD & digital. _ Press: UK: JA_GrAL_Pressrelease_UK // DK: JA_GrAL_Pressrelease_DK

AA_FC_Cover_For_Web_1500px Anderskov Accident: “Full Circle” (with Tranberg-Toxværd-Hyhne-Davidsen-Rainey), ILK. 2011. CD, LP & digital.  _ Press: UK: AA_FC_Pressrelease_UK // DK: AA_FC_Pressrelease_DK

JA_AR_cover Jacob Anderskov: “Agnostic Revelations” (with Chris Speed, Michael Formanek, Gerald Cleaver), ILK. 2010. CD & digital. _ Press: UK: JA_AR_PressreleaseUK // DK: JA_AR_PressreleaseDK

cover_for_ja_web Frank Gratkowski & Jacob Anderskov: Ardent Grass (duo). Red Toucan, Canada 2010. CD & digital; PR-sheet not available.

AA_NS_Cover_m_txt Anderskov Accident: “Newspeak” (with Tranberg-Zeuthen-Ferm-Banke-Dahlgren-Skovbakke-Kielsgaard), ILK. 2008. CD & digital. _ Press: UK: AA_NS_PressreleaseUK_new

AM_JA_Cover_web Jacob Anderskov & Airto Moreira: “Ears to the Ground”, ILK. 2008. CD & digital. _ Press: UK: AM_JA_PressreleaseUK_new //

JAPR_Cover mindre Jacob Anderskov: “Panta Rhei” (solo) ILK. 2007. CD & digital. _ Press: UK: JAPR_PressreleaseUK

AU_Cover_web “An Auf” (duo with Jakob Riis), ILK. 2007. CD & digital. _ Press: UK: AU_PressreleaseUK_Low

JAPD_Cover300dpi Jacob Anderskov “på Dansk” (w. P.O. Jørgensen & Anders Mogensen, + guests), ILK. 2006. CD & digital. _ Press: UK: JAPD Pressrelease UK final // DK: JAPD Pressrelease DK final

AA_UOA_cover_print Anderskov Accident:  “Unity of Action”, (Tranberg-Toxværd-Ferm-Banke-Dahlgren-Skovbakke-Kielsgaard) ILK. 2005. CD, LP & digital. _ Press: AA_UOA_gen_press_new

Releases before 2005: (Albums+digital still available. PR-sheets not available.)

Jacob Anderskov Trio: “On the Loose” (with Formanek,Mogensen), ILK. 2004.

Doctor Structure: “Godot… stuck in traffic” (with Tranberg-Banke-Westergaard-Gram), ILK. 2003.

Anderskov Accident: “Anderskov Accident”, (with Tranberg-Halle-Toxværd-Ferm-Løvdal-Dahlgren-Skovbakke-Kielsgaard), scr. 2002,

“Bobs Tumbla” (with Anders Banke-Jim Black), Scr. 2002.

Jacob Anderskov Trio: “Even Worse”, (with Formanek,Mogensen) scr. 2002,

Doctor Structure: “Doctor Structure”, (with Tranberg-Banke-Westergaard-Gram), scr. 2001,

Jacob Anderskov Trio:  “Scraggly Music”, (with Formanek,Mogensen), scr. 2001.