(All albums are available physically and digitally except where noted. For distribution details, visit ILKmusic.com. For further info on selected albums, see the ALBUMS page.)

Selected discography:

As a leader (& pianist, composer, producer):

Jacob Anderskov: I sang. Soffie Viemose vocal+fx, Jakob Munck vocal+tuba+trombone, Kasper Tranberg trumpet, Jacob Anderskov piano, Jakob Høyer drums.  Recorded at the Village, 2022. April Records, Vinyl, CD, digital. 2024

Zeuthen – Anderskov – Vestergaard: NOCTURNAL. Jesper Zeuthen, sax & saw – Jacob Anderskov, piano & prepared piano  – Anders Vestergaard, drums. Recorded at the Village, 2021 & 22. ILK, vinyl + digital. 2023

Jacob Anderskov: EMERALD. Lotte Anker, saxophones – Anders Banke, clarinets and alto flute – Henriette Groth, clarinet & viola – Jacob Anderskov, piano & composition – Nils Davidsen, cello & bass – Peter Bruun, drums. Recorded at The Village, 2021 & 2022. ILK, vinyl + digital. 2023.

The Gemstone Series – 20 Sonic Complexion Miniatures. (Not an album – but a sheet music book). Out on ILK Publishing, 2022. Limited first edition, 100 copies. Engraved by Frej Wedlund. Cover design by Neue Pink.

Jacob Anderskov: SPIRIT OF THE HIVE. Banke, Bigoni, Builder, Dybbroe, Goodwin,  Sigurdsson, Davidsen, Jacobson, Thomsen, Kim. J.A.: composer & conductor. Recorded at The Village, November 2020. Release 2021, ILK, vinyl + digital.

Jacob Anderskov: ANTERIOR CURRENT. Solo, studio recording. Release 2020, ILK, digital.

Jacob Anderskov: IMPRESSIONS OF BOWIE. Solo, live recording. Release 2020, ILK, digital.

Fosterchild: Dear Earthling. Tranberg, Gille, Anderskov, Helm, Arends. Release 2019, ILK, CD

Evan Parker & Kinetics: “CHIASM”. Evan Parker, saxophone, Adam Pultz Melbye, bass & Anders Vestergaard, drums. Release 2019, Clean Feed, CD.

Jesper Zeuthen / Jacob Anderskov / Anders Vestergaard: Out of the Spectacle. – with Zeuthen, sax & Vestergaard, drums. Release: September 2018, ILK, on Vinyl & digital.

Jacob Anderskov: Mysteries. – with Adam Pultz Melbye, bass & Anders Vestergaard, drums (Kinetics live in Köln). ILK, release fall 2017 (digi) / fall 2018 (vinyl).

Jacob Anderskov: RESONANCE. With Karen Johanne Pedersen, vln, Mette Brandt, viola, Ida Nørholm, cello, Peter Bruun, drums & percussion. Sundance / Stunt. Release: September 2016. CD (now), LP (still to come) & digital & high-res digital (soon).

ZAKS (Zeuthen/Anderskov/Kielsgaard/Skovbakke): Live at 5e. [..as a co-leader..] With Jesper Zeuthen, alto sax – Rune Kielsgaard, drums – Jeppe Skovbakke, bass, ILK, 2016. CD & digital.

3 albums, released during summer 2015:
I: Kinetics (the Path) – Habitable Exomusics volume I. – with Adam Pultz Melbye, bass & Anders Vestergaard, drums, ILK, 2015. CD & digital.
II: Statics (the Map) – Habitable Exomusics volume II. – Solo piano, ILK, 2015. CD & digital.
III: Dynamics (the Terrain) – Habitable Exomusics volume III.
– with Nils Davidsen – bass & Gerald Cleaver – drums. ILK, 2015. CD & digital.

Copenhagen Art Ensemble: Reuterswärd [..as a co-leader..] (with Qarin Wikström (vocals), Lars Greve (sax), Thomaz Dabrowski (trumpet), Ture Larsen (trombone), Jacob Anderskov (piano), Nils Davidsen (bass) and Bjørn Heebøl (drums). Music composed by Qarin Wikström, Ture Larsen and Jacob Anderskov.). ILK 2014. LP & Digital

Jacob Anderskov: Impressions of Radiohead (Jacob Anderskov, Solo piano, live), ILK 2014. Digital only.

Jacob Anderskov: Strings, Percussion & Piano (with Christine Pryn, violin, Anette Slaatto, viola, Ida Nørholm, cello, Peter Bruun, drums), ILK 2013.

Jacob Anderskov: Granular Alchemy (with Chris Speed, Michael Formanek, Gerald Cleaver), ILK. 2012.

Anderskov Accident: “Full Circle” (with Tranberg-Toxværd-Hyhne-Davidsen-Rainey), ILK. 2011.

Jacob Anderskov: “Agnostic Revelations” (with Chris Speed, Michael Formanek, Gerald Cleaver), ILK. 2010.

Frank Gratkowski & Jacob Anderskov: Ardent Grass (duo). Red Toucan, Canada 2010.

Anderskov Accident: “Newspeak” (with Tranberg-Zeuthen-Ferm-Banke-Dahlgren-Skovbakke-Kielsgaard), ILK. 2008.

Jacob Anderskov & Airto Moreira: “Ears to the Ground”, ILK. 2008.

Jacob Anderskov: “Panta Rhei” (solo) ILK. 2007.

“An Auf” (duo with Jakob Riis), ILK. 2007.

Jacob Anderskov “på Dansk” (“in Danish”). (with P.O. Jørgensen & Anders Mogensen, + guests), ILK. 2006.

Anderskov Accident:  “Unity of Action”, (with Tranberg-Toxværd-Ferm-Banke-Dahlgren-Skovbakke-Kielsgaard) ILK. 2005,

Jacob Anderskov Trio: “On the Loose” (with Formanek,Mogensen), ILK. 2004.

Doctor Structure: “Godot… stuck in traffic” (with Tranberg-Banke-Westergaard-Gram), ILK. 2003.

Anderskov Accident: “Anderskov Accident”, (with Tranberg-Halle-Toxværd-Ferm-Løvdal-Dahlgren-Skovbakke-Kielsgaard), scr. 2002,

“Bobs Tumbla” (with Anders Banke-Jim Black), Scr. 2002.

Jacob Anderskov Trio: “Even Worse”, (with Formanek,Mogensen) scr. 2002,

Doctor Structure: “Doctor Structure”, (with Tranberg-Banke-Westergaard-Gram), scr. 2001,

Jacob Anderskov Trio:  “Scraggly Music”, (with Formanek,Mogensen), scr. 2001.

Releases as a co-composing sideman:

Kasper Tom: Chroma, (K.Tom & J.Anderskov duo), Barefoot. 2014.

Lovedale: Green Sounds, (Løvdal-Wogram-Mogensen), ILK. 2012,

Richard Andersson: Intuition, (with Bill McHenry, RJ Miller, Richard Andersson), STUNT, 2012.

Thommy Andersson, Jacob Anderskov, Peter Nilsson: Triofolded. Copasetic, Sverige, 2010

Lovedale: “Cozyness Kills”, (Jesper Løvdal-Cuong Vu-Chris Speed-Jonas Westergaard-Anders Mogensen), ILK. 2009.

Real People: ”Real People”. (Rudresh Mahanthappa, Kasper Tranberg, Carlo de Rosa, Anders Mogensen), Blackout. 2008.

Lovedale: “Grill Music”, (Løvdal-Vu-Westergaard-Mogensen), ILK. 2006,

Niels Ryde: ”Pocket Music”. (Ryde, Lew Soloff, Nils Vincentz, Mogensen) Music Mecca. 2006.

”Babop”. (Koppel-Løvdal-Westergaard-Osgood), Cowbellmusic. 2004.

Other releases as a Sideman:

Maria Faust: Machina, (Faust, Ferm, Nørholm, Davidsen, Pultz-Melbye, Anderskov), Sundance, 2018.

Emil de Waal: Gamle Nyheder. (Laubek, Band Ane, Hyhne, Rosendal, Ljunggren, Nulle Nykjær, de Waal). de Waal 2017.

Tomasz Dabrowski Free 4 Arts: Six months & Ten drops. Tomasz Dabrowski, trp – Jacob Anderskov,piano – Sven Dam Meinild, barytone saxophone – Kasper Tom, drums. Barefoot Records, 2015.

Emil de Waal: OLD NEWS. Randi Laubek (voc) – Band Ane (electronics) – Mads Hyhne (tb) – Peter Rosendal (flugabone & melodica) – Jacob Anderskov (keyboards, accordeon) – Gustaf Ljunggren (gui, contra alto clarinet, banjo) – Elith Nulle Nykjær (cl) – Emil de Waal (dr, prc). de Waal 2016.

DYGONG: The E-Sessions, with Torben Snekkestad, Helene Lang, m.fl., ILK 2012.

Laura Toxværd/Jacob Anderskov: PHONE BOOK (duo), ILK 2012.

Marc Bernstein: Good People Music (with M. Bernstein, Billy Hart, Jonas Westergaard), Blackout, 2012

Nils Davidsen: Jazz til Tiden, ILK 2011

Benjamin Koppel: Quatre trois deux un (Koppel, Daniel Humair, Thommy Andersson), Cowbell, 2011.

Kevin Brow’s Koptor: Fire Sink (Brow, Anker, Skovbakke), Fresh Sound New Talent, Spanien, 2011.

Herman D. Koppel 100 years (dvd). Cowbell. 2009.

Kasper Tranberg: Terracotta. (Tranberg, Høyer) Blackout. 2008.

Marc Bernstein’s KIBRICK 5.2. Marc Music. 2008.

Dane T S Hawk and the Locomotion Startsemble: A general broad view. ILK. 2005.

Lovedale: Lovedale, ILK. 2004,

MIKE H: Peninsula. Cope. 2004. (produced by Jacob Anderskov)

Marc Bernstein’s KIBRICK. Music Mecca. 2004.

Stefan Pasborg & Liudas Mockunas: TOXICUM. ILK. 2003.

Mockunas-Pasborg Project. TCB records. 2001.