Habitable Exomusics

Welcome to the Habitable Exomusics overview site.

Link to Final Research Catalogue Exposition of Habitable Exomusics, published at Research Catalogue through the RMC portal.

The exposition has been subject to critical comments by three peer reviewers (one internal, two international), based on RMC’s artistic research quality criteria “SITRE”.

Multiple kinds of early dissemination from the Habitable Exomusics universe have previously been published on RMC.dk and at this site, as in the overview below.

However, please note that with the published Research Catalogue exposition being the main permanent public dissemination of the project, the below material is just an early overview, and not the final version of such overview. The final version is in the Research Catalogue Exposition.

The Final Public Presentation of Habitable Exomusics took place Tuesday August 25th 2015, at RMC.

The Habitable Exomusics project started in December 2013 and contains:

* An album Trilogy: JA_Habitable_Exomusics_TheTrilogy_Press_UK // JA_Habitable_Exomusics_TheTrilogy_Press_DK.

The Three albums are:
I: JA_Kinetics_Cover_1500x1500  Kinetics (the Path) – Habitable Exomusics volume I. … ILK244CD. Jacob Anderskov, piano – Adam Pultz Melbye, bass – Anders Vestergaard, drums. Recorded in The Village, Copenhagen, January 2015. All music composed by Jacob Anderskov. JA_Kinetics_Pressrelease_UK // JA_Kinetics_Pressrelease_DK. Release date June 26th, 2015.

II: JA_Statics_Cover_1500x1500  Statics (the Map) – Habitable Exomusics volume II. … ILK245CD. Jacob Anderskov, piano solo. All music by Jacob Anderskov. Recorded in Rainbow Studio, Oslo, December 2014. JA_Statics_Pressrelease_UK // JA_Statics_Pressrelease_DK. Release date August 21st, 2015.

III: JA_Dynamics_1500x1500Cover  Dynamics (the Terrain) – Habitable Exomusics volume III
 ILK246CD. Jacob Anderskov – piano. Nils Davidsen – bass. Gerald Cleaver – drums. Recorded in Rainbow Studio, Oslo, May 2015. All music by Anderskov, Davidsen & Cleaver. JA_Dynamics_Pressrelease_UK // JA_Dynamics_Pressrelease_DK. Release date September 25th, 2015.

* Habitable Exomusics Project Description & Research Question in English

* A BLOG, continuously updated. [LINK to BLOG]
– One of the main places to look for the general disseminations of what was going on in the project. The blog is partly in Danish, some of it is in English, more to be published and/or translated to English – stay tuned. The blog contains reflections on the music, the processes and the results.

* Videos
Live videos:
[Jacob Anderskov’s KINETICS: “Pull-Up”, live 2014].
[Jacob Anderskov’s KINETICS: “Cous Cous”, live 2014].
[Jacob Anderskov’s KINETICS: “Tse Tse”, live 2014].
[Jacob Anderskov’s KINETICS: “Snap, Pans”, live 2014].
[Laura Toxværd + Jacob Anderskov “PhoneBook”, Live @ Literaturhaus Cph, December 2014]
Interview videos: (in Danish/ på dansk)
[Habitable Exomusics/ Kinetics interview, Niels Christian Cederberg, DRK, Juli 2014. På dansk / In Danish]
[Short video in Danish on Habitable Exomusics in Concert, july 2014]

* Audio:
Audio from the Habitable Exomusics Trilogy albums – plus selected extra material

* Concerts in many cities and countries, including Copenhagen, Aalborg, Lemvig, Gentofte, Hillerød, Ballerup, Ishøj, Esbjerg, Oslo, Beograd, Karagujevac, Indija, Edinburgh, Nuuk, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Groningen, Århus, Bremen.

* A collection of INTERVIEWS with a number of leading international improvisors: INTERVIEWS_HabExo_PDF_150812.

* Habitable Exomusics Analysis, a theoretical text with musical analysis and  disseminations of selected parts of the artistic output in the project. Pdf, 65 pages, in English; HAB_EXO-Analysis_pdf_150810.

* Presentations & lectures at RMC (general Artistic Research presentations as well as theoretical “Habitable Procedures” dissemination/analysis), and at Filmskolen, Artlab, Syddansk Musikkonservatorium, DKDM, etc.

* New compositions (sheet music pdf’s, alphabetically by title)
From “Kinetic (the Path)”:
Diamonds are for Unreal People IV
March Charm
Rat Star
Stop Pots
Wolf Flow

Extras (not on the albums):
Cous Cous
Derived Rambles
Eu-git – a Fatigue
Snap Pans

Squares – UTM I _ Exercise Sketch
Rounds – UTM II – Exercise Sketch
Stars – UTM III _ Exercise Sketch
(The recorded composition “Rat Star” (above) was originally a second part of the “Stars – Un Tempered Metronome III” piece.)

* New pieces of music created by improvisation,
– a fraction of which are included on the trilogy albums. Se audio links above.