Main Artistic Research projects:

– “Sonic Complexion” (orig.: ‘Surfaces and colours of sound’) – Artistic Research Project at RMC, financed by the Danish Cultural Ministry, 2018-2020. Output includes albums (including Dear Earthling, Anterior Current, Spirit of the Hive, Emerald), the Sheet music book “The Gemstone Series”, as well as texts, card decks, multiple mapping strategies, and so forth. Finished. Published at Research Catalogue.

– “Action – Reaction”. Artistic Research Project at RMC, 2015-16. Finished. Published at Research Catalogue.Artistic outcome: Album: Resonance (2016) – nominated for Nordic Council Music Price 2018.

– ”Habitable Exomusics”. Artistic Research Project at RMC, financed by the Danish Cultural Ministry, 2014-2015, finished 2015. Published at Research Catalogue. Artistic outcome: The album Trilogy ”Habitable Exomusics”.

– ”Proces”. Small scale Artistic Research Project at RMC, (2016-17). Artistic Output: Mysteries – live in Köln.

Articles from non-artistic research/development activities:

– “KUA Compendium”. 1st edition, Rhythmic Music Conservatory, Cph, August 2022. By J. Anderskov. Explaning the different dimensions of the KUA subject at RMC, including chapters on Method, Context, Feedback Models, dialogue concepts, Reflections on Quality Criteria, etc.

– “Becoming a researching artist – Situated perspectives on music conservatory learning and teaching”. Article, by Lars Brinck and Jacob Anderskov, in “Becoming Musicians”, by Stefan Gies & Jon Helge Sætre (Eds.) NMH publications 2019:7, 151–170.

– Anthologi-text: “Habitable Exomusics, et KUV-projekt”, in “Kunstnerisk udviklingsvirksomhed: antologi 2016”, ed.: Anne Gry Haugland.

Links to further info on selected Artistic Research Projects:

Sonic Complexion

Action vs Reaction

Habitable Exomusics