June 2nd-5th: NMH, Oslo, censoring graduation concerts.

June 16th: Anderskov-AC-Høyer “Allusion” @ Christiania Jazz Club, Cph

June 19th: Recording Nils Davidsen’s brand new composition series “Levatations” for solo piano @ The Village, Cph.

June 24th: Anderskov – Tranberg Duo, Nysted, DK.

June 30th-July 9th: Copenhagen Jazz Festival:

July 1st: Emil de Waal feat. Nulle, Musikhuset København, 20.00

July 2nd: Emil de Waal feat. Nulle, JazzCup, 19.00

July 3rd: EMERALD (Anker, Banke, Groth, Anderskov, Davidsen, Bruun) @ 5e, 23.00

July 4th: EMERALD (Anker, Banke, Groth, Anderskov, Davidsen, Bruun) @ Koncertkirken, 22.00

July 5th: SPIRIT OF THE HIVE (decet) @ 5e, 23.59

July 8th: Anderskov-AC-Høyer “Allusion” @ Mellemrummet, 19.00

July 8th: Meinild – Anderskov – Tom @ 5e, 23.59

July 9th: Emil de Waal feat. Nulle @ Øksnehallen, Kbh, 14-16.

July 11th: Jacob Anderskov & Maria Laurette Friis @ Testrup Højskole, Mårslet – aften

Fall 2023 includes (more to come):

August 11th: 1st single release from Zeuthen – Anderskov – Vestergaard: NOCTURNAL

August 17th: Fosterchild featuring Lotte Anker & Elisabeth Couduox @ LOFT Köln, Cologne Jazz Week, Germany – evening.

September 22: Zeuthen – Anderskov Vestergaard release: NOCTURNAL (studio album – LP & digital)

October 6th: Fosterchild @ Roter Sal, Braunschweig, Germany

November 2nd-3rd: Cempe Conference, Oslo (TBC)

+ Fall 23, spread out: single releases from upcoming album


Feb 3rd: Jacob Anderskov stjæler Sangbogen tilbage @ Den Sorte Diamant, Dronningesalen.