All videos are live videos except where indicated

Video Playlist with Jacob Anderskov “I sang” live concerts with participating audience

Danmark nu blunder den lyse nat – full length album recording video

Spirit of the Hive, live at the Danish Music Awards Jazz show, December 2021

Fosterchild live broadcast, Salon de Jazz, Köln, Oct. 2021

Jacob Anderskov’s “Impressions of Bowie” – Excerpt from HEROES, live, 2020

Fosterchild, live @ Jazz Schiede, Dusseldorf, March 6th 2020

Zeuthen – Anderskov – Vestergaard LIVE @ 5e, August 2019, part 1 Continued

Zeuthen – Anderskov – Vestergaard LIVE @ 5e, August 2019, part 2

Zeuthen – Anderskov – Vestergaard LIVE @ 5e, August 2019, part 1 Opening

Music video: RESONANCE – April 2017 video “8th Avenue Tranquility”

RESONANCE (formerly Strings, percussion & piano, “Spring in B”, live 2013

Agnostic Revelations: “Sediments”, live 2013
Agnostic Revelations: “Sand”, live 2013

’Underlige Aftenlufte – but who is the dreamer’ from P8 Jazz Alive 2018, arr. by Jacob Anderskov, feat Anders Filipsen & Gråbrødre Kammerkor

Jacob Anderskov’s EURO-AGNOSTICS (Tranberg-Anderskov-Helm-Arends): “Medley: Pull Up – Blue in the Face”, Live, Cph, 2016

Jacob Anderskov’s KINETICS: “Stop Pots”, Live in Berlin, Feb. 2016
Jacob Anderskov’s KINETICS: “Rat Star”, Live in Cph, August 2015
Jacob Anderskov’s KINETICS: “Pull-Up”, live @ 5e, 2014

Laura Toxværd + Jacob Anderskov “Phone Book” live 2013, (“Cacklecabin” – short excerpt)
Laura Toxværd + Jacob Anderskov “PhoneBook”, Live @ Literaturhaus Cph, December 2014

Interview videos: (in Danish/ på dansk)

Interview om improvisation, Maiken Ingvordsen, DRK 2013. På dansk / In Danish
Habitable Exomusics/ Kinetics interview, Niels Christian Cederberg, DRK, Juli 2014. På dansk / In Danish

Static videos:

From Jacob Anderskov: Impresssions of Radiohead: KARMA POLICE or NO SURPRISES .. (the last one is also available with pictures, but the sound is not as good on the video as on the static version. Anyway: Jacob Anderskov Solo: “Impressions of Radiohead – SMK 011011”)