Action vs Reaction

Action vs. Reaction. New music for Strings, percussion & piano.

Artistic Research Project at RMC, 2015-16.

Link to Final Research Catalogue Exposition of Action Reaction, published at Research Catalogue through the RMC portal.

The exposition has been subject to critical comments by three peer reviewers (one internal, two international), based on RMC’s artistic research quality criteria “SITRE”.

Some earlier disseminations from the Action Reaction have previously been published on, in print, and at this site, as in the overview below.

However, please note that with the published Research Catalogue exposition being the main permanent public dissemination of the project, the below material is just an early overview, and not the final version of such overview. The final version is in the Research Catalogue Exposition.

Original overview, including link to original report in Danish:

Ambition: To create music that truly unites musicians from respectively classical/ new music and jazz/ free improvisation – with both parties’ identity and integrity intact – in an innovative and poetic totality.

Artistic outcome: the album: Jacob Anderskov: RESONANCE, released oct. 2016.

Public dissemination:

Reaction, published at Research Catalogue through the RMC portal, after peer review.

Original Report (in Danish): Jacob Anderskov RESONANCE 2015-16 RAPPORT

Album audio at Spotify: