Sheet Music Book “The Gemstone Series”

Out now

Thursday Dec. 8th, 2022, the Sheet Music Book “The Gemstone Series – 20 Sonic Complexion Miniatures” is released by ILK Music / ILK Publishing. 

Limited first edition, 100 copies. Engraved by Frej Wedlund. Cover design by Neue Pink. Buy your copy at ILK Publishing/ ILK music. Direct link:

The sheet music book contains:

* Twenty compositions: Agate – Amber – Amethyst – Beryl – Bloodstone – Celestite – Colour Shout – Elkhorn Coral – Emerald – Et Tu, Tselec – Fluorite – Mysteries – Opal – Origami Megalith – Pearl – Ruby – Sapphire – Silence of the Stones – Smoky Quartz – Sunstone. 

* A preface including suggestions for the interpreting musicians, and background on the making of the music.

* Note stand friendly thickness – book can stand without closing, opened on any page.

* Front and back covers in colour, designed by Neue Pink.

* Easy-to-read engraving by Frej Wedlund, aesthetically set with November2 music font.

* For each composition already recorded, info on which album to find it for listening reference.

Link to excerpt of book (online, pdf):

For info or questions, see the Gemstone Series press release_UK, or Gemstone Series presse-release_DK, or the Gemstone Series shop link at ILK publishing, or contact Jacob Anderskov, see contact.