Fall 2014 Calendar now updated

Fall 2014 Calendar now updated. Includes an exiting blend of “Strings..” live concerts as well as a series of solo concerts, ending with a solo recording at Rainbow Studio. Further info at the Calendar site. See you out there…

Down Beat review

Nice review in Down Beat, April ’14 issue, of Jacob Anderskov:Strings, Percussion & Piano:

“Danish pianist-composer Jacob Anderskov has done the aesthetics-challenged world of so-called chamber jazz a huge favor with his latest album. A beautifully conceived set of music for an ensemble for three string players and piano and drums… Known commodities and concepts are reconsidered here. … at once earthy and cerebral. Throughout, the pianist’s own technical and expressive powers come through in measured, restrained doses. On this project, the leader surrenders to a dialogue of parts and a conceptualized whole, rather than seizing the solo spotlight. His role as composer and ensemble architect is paramount here. The results are impressive and gently groundbreaking.” **** (4 stars) —Josef Woodard, Down Beat, April 2014.

For full review, see:https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/4353067/DB_Strings_review_1404_66.pdf

Management announcement

Shortly after receiving the Jazz Composer of the Year 2013 Award at Danish Music Awards Jazz, Jacob Anderskov announces agreement with Kat Jarby/Kaja Management on management and exclusive booking for his project Stings, Percussion & Piano.
See contact page for contact details.

Danish Music Awards Jazz 2013 – Nominees announced: 2 nominations for yours truly

Danish Music Awards Jazz 2013: 2 nominations for 2 different releases:

“Årets Danske Jazzkomponist”  (Jazz composer of the year): Jacob Anderskov: “Granular Alchemy” (w. Agnostic Revelations: Chris Speed, Michael Formanek, Gerald Cleaver, J.A. – ILK), &

“Årets Danske Særudgivelse” (Special release of the year)Jacob Anderskov: ”Strings, Percussion & Piano” (Christine Pryn, Anette Slaatto, Ida Nørholm, Peter Bruun, J.A. – ILK)

Winners will be announced november 24th.

For videos of the 2 nominated ensembles, see the (new) video site…

Strings TV broadcast @ DRK 19/10

(TV-broadcast  – in Danish:) TV udsendelse med uddrag af koncerten med Jacob Anderskov’s Strings, Percussion & Piano, live @ Betty Nansen Teatret, Juli 2013, samt interview med yours truly sendes på DR K 19. okt 2013, kl. 22.40… (med genudsendelser 22. okt kl. 14.35, 24. okt kl. 16.35, 29. okt kl. 13.55.) Video link offentliggøres her på siden derefter.