Albums out over the last year or so

A bunch of albums have come out recently that I did not find time to put up here at the moment. But better late than never.

New Anderskov releases recently:

Tomasz Dabrowski Free 4 Arts: SIX MONTH & TEN DROPS (Barefoot Records).
Tomasz Dabrowski, trp – Jacob Anderskov,piano – Sven Dam Meinild, barytone saxophone – Kasper Tom, drums. Released 2015.

Emil de Waal: OLD NEWS.
Randi Laubek (voc) – Band Ane (electronics) – Mads Hyhne (tb) – Peter Rosendal (flugabone & melodica) – Jacob Anderskov (keyboards, accordeon) – Gustaf Ljunggren (gui, contra alto clarinet, banjo) – Elith Nulle Nykjær (cl) – Emil de Waal (dr, prc). Released 2016

ZAKS (Zeuthen/Anderskov/Kielsgaard/Skovbakke): Live at 5e (ILK).
Jesper Zeuthen, alto sax – Jacob Anderskov, pno – Rune Kielsgaard, drums – Jeppe Skovbakke, bass. Released 2016

Festival Season

The festival programme for the Copenhagen & Aarhus festivals is now updated on the Calendar page. Looking forward to it all – hope to see some of you out there.

HABITABLE EXOMUSICS – Entire trilogy out now…

JACOB ANDERSKOV: HABITABLE EXOMUSICS – The Trilogy: All 3 albums out now. General Trilogy info:JA_Habitable_Exomusics_TheTrilogy_Press_UK

I: JA_Kinetics_Cover_1500x1500 Kinetics (the Path) – Habitable Exomusics volume I. – with Adam Pultz Melbye, bass & Anders Vestergaard, drums, ILK, 2015. CD & digital. JA_Kinetics_Pressrelease_UK // JA_Kinetics_Pressrelease_DKRelease date June 26th, 2015.

II: JA_Statics_Cover_1500x1500 Statics (the Map) – Habitable Exomusics volume II. – Solo piano, ILK, 2015. CD & digital. JA_Statics_Pressrelease_UK // JA_Statics_Pressrelease_DK. Release date August 21st, 2015.

III: JA_Dynamics_1500x1500Cover  Dynamics (the Terrain) – Habitable Exomusics volume III.
– with Nils Davidsen – bass & Gerald Cleaver – drums. ILK, 2015. CD & digital. JA_Dynamics_Pressrelease_UK // JA_Dynamics_Pressrelease_DKRelease date September 25th, 2015.

KINETICS (the PATH) – album release

KINETICS (the PATH) album release … :

Monday June 29th 2015, VOLUME ONE of the Habitable Exomusics Trilogy was released:
Jacob Anderskov: “KINETICS (THE PATH)” – Habitable Exomusics volume I. ILK244CD.
Jacob Anderskov, piano – Adam Pultz Melbye, bass – Anders Vestergaard, drums.
8 new compositions by Jacob Anderskov.

Recorded in The Village, Cph, January 2015, by John Fomsgaard. Mix & Mastering by John Fomsgaard. Produced by Jacob Anderskov. Released on CD & digital. Available on iTunes, Spotify, and in selected stores around the planet.
For much more info on the album and the entire Habitable Exomusics universe, visit

Thank you to RMC, Adam, Anders, John, Mike Højgaard, Kat Jarby & Kaja Management, Strings, Percussion & Piano, Benoit Delbecq, Django Bates, Ellery Eskelin, Frank Gratkowski, Thomas Vang, DRK & Signalmedia, Peter Mark, ILK, 5e, Jazzklubben Christiania, KoncertKirken, and to friends, fans, family, students & colleagues etc.

New Videos

New videos on the Video- and Habitable Exomusics-pages. Including Kinetics live, Phone Book live, and 2 DRK (Danish public Television) interviews (in Danish).

New Photos in the Photo section

New Photos now uploaded. Newly added are the photos of Kinetics, Continuum, plus a few extras of yours truly.
See the Photos (Jacob)Photos (Bands) – sites. As always, feel free to use, but please do include photographer credits.


Details are starting to settle for the upcoming HABITABLE EXOMUSICS trilogy:

Kinetics (the Path) – Habitable Exomusics volume I
… ILK244CD. Jacob Anderskov, piano – Adam Pultz Melbye, bass – Anders Vestergaard, drums. Recorded in The Village, Copenhagen, January 2015. All music composed by Jacob Anderskov. release date June 26th, 2015.

Statics (the Map) – Habitable Exomusics volume II
… ILK245CD. Jacob Anderskov, piano solo. All music by Jacob Anderskov. Recorded in Rainbow Studio, Oslo, December 2014. Release date August 21st, 2015.

Dynamics (the Terrain) – Habitable Exomusics volume III
 ILK246CD. Jacob Anderskov – piano. Nils Davidsen – bass. Gerald Cleaver – drums. Recorded in Rainbow Studio, Oslo, May 2015. All music by Anderskov, Davidsen & Cleaver. Release date September 25th, 2015.

All on ILK. First two albums of the trilogy are already mixed and mastered.

See also the new Habitable Exomusics site, link is found in the menu above. Stay tuned for further details.

BLOG om udviklingsprojekt (in Danish)

Under overskriften “SE DEN KUNSTNERISKE UDVIKLING OVER SKULDEREN” blogger Jacob Anderskov for tiden løbende om sit kunstneriske udviklingsvirksomheds-projekt på RMC, “HABITABLE EXOMUSICS”. Følg med på dette [LINK til BLOGGEN].
UK: Blog is partly in Danish, some of it is in English, more to be published and/or translated to English – stay tuned.