Active bands as a leader:  (see Albums for further details)

Jacob Anderskov’s RESONANCE (formerly known as STRINGS, PERCUSSION & PIANO) Karen Johanne Pedersen, violin – Mette Brandt, viola – Ida Nørholm, cello – Peter Bruun, drums & percussion – J.A., pno.

Jacob Anderskov’s KINETICS Adam Pultz Melbye, bass – Anders Vestergaard, drums – J.A., pno.
– Sometimes extended into KINETICS + Evan Parker

JACOB ANDERSKOV SOLO (acoustic piano, improvised)

ANDERSKOV ACCIDENT – my 7-8 piece medium sized ensemble, on & off active since 1999…

JACOB ANDERSKOV – Impressions of … (acoustic piano – radical interpretations of well known material)

Jacob Anderskov & Antioxidanterne – a 100% organic, carbon-neutral pianissimo large ensemble.

J.A.’s TEMPORAL ALLUSIONS – A.C., bass – Jakob Høyer, drums – J.A., pno.

J.A.´s AGNOSTIC REVELATIONS Chris Speed, sax & clarinet – Michael Formanek, bass – Gerald Cleaver, drums – J.A., pno.

Jacob Anderskov’s HABITABLE EXOMUSICS Nils Davidsen, bass – Gerald Cleaver, drums – J.A., pno.


collaborative projects:

ZAV – Jesper Zeuthen, J.A., Anders Vestergaard.

ZAKS – Zeuthen-Anderskov-Kielsgaard-Skovbakke.

Fosterchild – (De/DK): Kasper Tranberg, trp – Sebastian Gilles, sax – Jacob Anderskov, pno – David Helm, bass – Fabian Arends, drums. European quintet.


– plus, improvised duos, trios, etc., in a vast number of different settings,


– plus, through-composed pieces for new music ensembles, etc., etc.


– plus, as a sideman or a member of a collective:

Emil de Waal’s OLD NEWS

Kasper Tom/ Jacob Anderskov “Chroma”.

Tomasz Dabrowski’s “Free for Arts”.

Thommy Andersson – Jacob Anderskov  – Peter Nilsson (trio)

Marc Bernstein’s KIBRICK & Good People Music

Laura Toxværd/Jacob Anderskov “PHONE BOOK”

Richard Andersson’s Intuition Quartet

Copenhagen Art Ensemble

Kevin Brow’s Koptor