Jacob Anderskov Calendar, 2019 includes (list not complete)..:

January 26th – Anderskov, AC, Høyer Temporal Allusions – JazzCup, Cph – 14.30

February 5th – Jacob Anderskov Solo – Underscored Occident – Koncertkirken, Cph – 20.00

February 23rd – ZAV (Zeuthen, Anderskov, Vestergaard), H15/ILK, Vinterjazz, Cph – 21.30

February 24th – w/ Marc Bernstein, Esbjerg – afternoon.

March 4th – Maria Faust “Machina”, Mandagsklubben, 5e, Cph

March 4th-6th – Jacob Anderskov + 10 MGK students, concerts at misc. venues, including Hotel Cecil, Cph (6th).

March 10th – Maria Faust “Machina”, Munich, Germany

March 12th – Anderskov, AC, Høyer Temporal Allusions – Montmartre, Cph

March 13th – ZAV (Zeuthen, Anderskov, Vestergaard), Brötz, Göteborg

March 15th – TBA/TBC, Cph

March 17th – Anderskov, AC, Høyer Temporal Allusions, Stubberup Kirke, Fyn

March 19th – ZAV (Zeuthen, Anderskov, Vestergaard), Primi Klub, H15, Kbh

March 28th – Jacob Anderskov Solo – as part of World Piano Day, Koncertkirken, Cph.

May 9th – Anderskov, AC, Høyer Temporal Allusions, Giant Steps, Svendborg

May 17th + 18th: live in Köln + Dortmund with Fabian Arends, David Helm, Kasper Tranberg, Sebastian Gilles, Philip Zoubek, a.o.

July 5th – 14th: Copenhagen Jazz Festival – details TBA

July 13th-14th: Sankt Petersborg w. Resonance – tbc.

August 28th – Emil de Waal OLD NEWS, Fredericia

September 6th-9th: Resonance @ Færøerne/Faroe Islands.

November 15th – Emil de Waal, Føllenslev