In february 1917, the world’s first ever recording of Jazz music was made. Jacob Anderskov celebrates the Jazz Centennial in February 2017, with a series of 3 concerts with 3 different bands, in 3 days. The concerts will feature music from The Jazz Century, in vibrantly creative versions.

Jacob Anderskov’s music has been described as “expanding the sonic language of Danish jazz” (Down Beat, 03, 2013), “constantly pushing the borders” (Jazzblog, dec 2106) even “seismographic” (JazzSpecial, June 2008), sensing Music’s tectonic changes early. However, Anderskov also has a deep love and passion for the jazz tradition, from the earliest jazz and up till today. This concert is a celebration of the entire history of Jazz, with a radical twist. It will be intense, dynamic and spiritual. It will be the soul of Jazz, as heard through a Modernist’s ears, and carried into the future.

The 3 concerts are:
* Thursday February 9th: Jacob Anderskov CENTENNIAL SOLO – KONCERTKIRKEN, 20.00
* Friday February 10th: Jacob Anderskov “CONTINUUM” w/ Nicolai Munch-Hansen (bass) & Anders Provis (drums) – ILK, 5e, 23.00
* Saturday February 11th: Jacob Anderskov CENTENNIAL TRIO w/ Nils Davidsen (bass) & Randy Peterson (drums) – ILK, 5e, 21.30