Albums out over the last year or so

A bunch of albums have come out recently that I did not find time to put up here at the moment. But better late than never.

New Anderskov releases recently:

Tomasz Dabrowski Free 4 Arts: SIX MONTH & TEN DROPS (Barefoot Records).
Tomasz Dabrowski, trp – Jacob Anderskov,piano – Sven Dam Meinild, barytone saxophone – Kasper Tom, drums. Released 2015.

Emil de Waal: OLD NEWS.
Randi Laubek (voc) – Band Ane (electronics) – Mads Hyhne (tb) – Peter Rosendal (flugabone & melodica) – Jacob Anderskov (keyboards, accordeon) – Gustaf Ljunggren (gui, contra alto clarinet, banjo) – Elith Nulle Nykjær (cl) – Emil de Waal (dr, prc). Released 2016

ZAKS (Zeuthen/Anderskov/Kielsgaard/Skovbakke): Live at 5e (ILK).
Jesper Zeuthen, alto sax – Jacob Anderskov, pno – Rune Kielsgaard, drums – Jeppe Skovbakke, bass. Released 2016